White Forest

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White Forest

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Origins of white forest cake: so the origins of white forest cake can be dated back to 1936 when the swiss company Nestle launched the first white chocolate bar. As soon as the chocolate bar was launched swiss bakers started experimenting with white chocolate in the recipes and thus white forest cake was born. The name white forest was given to it as it was quite the opposite of the black forest cake which was made in Germany. White chocolate doesn't contain cocoa in it, so it cant be categorized as legit chocolate.

Preparation of white chocolate: white chocolate is a confectionary that is pale ivory in color and is made from cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, and sometimes vanilla to boost the flavor. It does not contain any cocoa solids like any other chocolate products like dark chocolate or milk chocolate. cocoa butter is the only cocoa ingredient that is added to white chocolate.

Preparation of white forest cake: the wonderful flavors of the white forest cake contains the endless taste of white chocolate, butter, whipped cream, sugar, eggs, and cherries. There is also an eggless variant available at Redoven. Each and every layer of the white forest cake is layered with sugary white chocolate. on the top, the cake is covered with white frosting and cherries to add to its heavenly taste. We also have a variant that is covered and topped with chunks of white chocolate shavings for you to enjoy. Redoven chefs prepare the cake with much love for you to fulfill your cravings and enjoy every bite of it.

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Wide range of white forest cakes: at Redoven you can choose from a wide variety of white forest cakes to suit you. Right from a plain white forest cake to a designer white forest cake, we have it all. Just order it online and our chefs will start baking it for you right away and get it delivered to your doorstep whenever you like. Each cake has its own flavor and appearance and it is up to you to decide which mouth-watering butterscotch cake you want to have.

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