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Order Snacks Online to ongole

Order from our range of freshly prepared snacks anywhere anytime .our snacks are made with the highest quality products and are always made freshly on demand of the customer and are delivered hot and fresh straight out of the oven right to your doorstep for you to enjoy.

Hot and fresh puffs

Freshly and nicely baked puffs which melt right in your mouth are offered by Redoven .order them and feel the taste of a freshly baked puff as our chef-prepared only for you .with fine quality maida and filling used to make it. It is one of a kind taste which you get while eating it.

Hot aloo samosas

At Redoven we offer the most satisfying aloo samosa, made with top quality aloo filling and maida, and fried in the finest oil, you will remember this samosa for its taste.

Craving snacks order them anytime

With our flexible delivery timings, you can satisfy your hunger and cravings anytime anywhere. we help you calm down your hunger with our tasty and yummy snacks all the time.

Snacks for any occasions

Whether it's a small get-together or a bday bash or a guest's sudden visit we always order snacks. we eat snacks as munchies sometimes or even as a small meal to satisfy our hunger. well, Redoven helps you do that with our snacks present always to please you.

Safety and Hygienic delivery

At Redoven customer safety is our topmost priority. We always use top-quality ingredients and products to prepare our snacks. these are packed in sterilized boxes with tamper-proof tape to maintain their safety and quality.

Prepared only after ordered

Our snacks are prepared only after we receive the order .so there are no worries about the staleness of the product. Top-quality products are used by our chefs to prepare top quality food for our happy customers

Delivered to any part of the city

Redoven is situated in Hyderabad so we provide delivery of our snacks anywhere and any time .for us the customer is everything, so we strive to satisfy our customers no matter where he lives in the city and no matter what time it is

Redovens dream

Redoven has grown to become the most trusted bakery and gift shop online. with the help of our customers, we are India's top online bakery and gift shop. thus we strive to serve our customers with all our heart and keep spreading the happiness