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Online Plant Nursery in India

Send Plants Online to chennai

Buying plants online is an entirely exceptional experience from purchasing one going to shop. Before, venturing into ordering plants online, one must realize in selecting the right online store. RedOven is one of the best stores that provide a plethora range of plants for home delivery in India. Whether you are seeking good luck plants, indoor or outdoor, we have covered all types so that you can shop in a breeze. You can also convey your love, care, good luck, and regards to your loved ones by sending plants to their doorstep with our express delivery.

The Best Gift for a Person Living in a Metropolitan City- Air Purifying Plants

When living in a big city, getting a breather can be very difficult, quite literally! The modern appliances, furnishings that most of the city buildings have and are made up of makes them prone to harmful bacteria and chemicals. If you or your loved one lives in a metropolitan city, we have the perfect plants for you. Try our air purifying indoor plants for your home and office and take in the fresh air and feel rejuvenated all through the day. You can send plants as eco-friendly gifts from RedOven's best local plants nursery.

Send Green Plants Online To Your Family And Friends: A Gift That Grows And Lives Beyond A Timeline

With the increasing urbanization, pollution in the cities has escalated, wrecking our ecosystem. Due to less greenery around us, city life is choked by air pollution. To live a healthy life, we request you to teach as much greenery around you and at home. Plants are one of the best possible options for bringing positivity around us and adding greenery. They not only purify the air but also create a warm and welcoming aura. Gifting plants to your loved ones has become much easier now. RedOven brings you a comprehensive collection of online indoor and outdoor plants with a home delivery facility across India. You can easily do the shopping for green plants online with just a click. Whether you are looking for a good luck plant, air purifying plants, bonsai, or artificial plants, RedOven is your one-stop solution. Send plants online in India to your loved ones as an expression of love, care, good luck, and gratitude. Plants accentuate the ambiance of the living rooms and halls. A little touch of greenery adds beauty and freshness to the interiors of the house. You can easily send plants online in India from the comfort of your home. Shopping for plants online has become a new normal.

Plants for the Believer- Auspicious Plants

Auspicious plants are those that bring good luck, prosperity and happiness and remove negativity from the surroundings. Our collection of auspicious online plants includes Lucky Bamboo, Money Plant, Lucky Jade Plant, Feng Shui Variegated Syngonium, etc. You can take your pick from the plants in elegant looking pots or quirkily designed ones based on the personality of the receiver. If you are buying these for your mother, go for Mini Bamboo Palm Plant in spotted fibre pot, Aglaonema White Stem Plant in a glossy brown pot, Devils Ivy or Money Plant Small in Customized Mom Ceramic Planter, etc. If you are buying it for your younger sister or brother or your best friend, go for Happy Flowering Jade in Earthen Cup, Evergreen Aglaonema in Frog Shaped Pot, Friendly Flowering Jade in a bird shaped Pot, etc. Order plantss online using our delivery services with absolute ease.

Order Office Plants- a Workaholic's Best Friends

If your office going loved one is celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or wedding anniversary, consider giving plants as gifts to them. The office plants in the collection are for every one. You can give these to your working mom, father, workaholic boyfriend, professional sibling, etc. The plants are potted in elegant and creative pots. Some of them even have emotional words like I love you mom written on them. Since these are for office, you might want to pay attention to the size of the pots. If your loved one sits in a cubicle, then you can pick large plants. If they have a dedicated desk then, you are better off with a small leaf or flowering plant in a compact pot.

Enjoy Hassle Free Delivery of Indoor Plants Online anywhere in India with Free Shipping

Wherever you want these plants delivered in India, you can rely on our services for it. And we offer free shipping on plants online delivery. We deliver these plants to large and small cities with great care. These plants are delivered in carton boxes that are specially prepared to keep and carry these live plants. Send plants online to any corner in India within 5 to 7 days. All the plants are easy to grow and low in maintenance, which makes these living souls one of the best gifts to be given on any special occasion, or to a loved one who just loves the presence of some live greens around him/her. Buy plants online hassle-free with personalized pots.

Buy Indoor and Outdoor Plants Online: Gifts Beyond A Timeline.

Online shopping of green plants is an evolving sector. With the growing trend of using indoor plants, organic seeds, air-purifying plants, Bonsai plants as a return gift or wedding gift, house-warming party gift, engagement invitations to promote greenery, and organic farming in demand, online purchase of green plants and seeds has increased. Gifting plants to your loved ones is one of the easiest and eco-friendly ideas. Green plants grow beyond a timeline and beautify the surroundings. Green plants are a reminder that if taken care of, life can bloom anywhere and everywhere. Gifting is an art as you have to be thoughtful in what you are giving your loved ones. Plants are an exceptional gift as they will always remind them of you whenever they look at the shiny green leaves and the blooming flowers. Plants always illuminate the corner in which they are kept, radiating positivity and freshness.