Doll Cakes

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Doll Cakes

Order Barbie Cakes Online to chennai

Order doll cakes online: dolls are loved by girls of all ages. Be it young or adult every girl loves a doll to at least play with or to keep as a collection. At Redoven we bake the best doll cakes in the whole town. Our doll cakes are then designed by our finest cake designers to make them look as pretty as possible. Order from our vast collection of doll cakes and treat your girl or your daughter on their special day.

Piano doll cake: the piano doll cake is a grand cake designed in such a way that there is a lady sitting and playing the piano. The best thing is that the whole piano and the lady are edible. So if you know someone who loves pianos or plays the piano this is the best gift to gift them on their birthday or any special day.

Little princess doll cake: girls love princesses and we bake the best princess cakes. The cake is modeled in the shape of a princess and the best part is the gown of the princess. This part of the cake is highly decorated with fondant and creams to satisfy your taste buds. Order it to surprise your girl child on her special day or her birthday.

Rose gown doll cake: this cake the rose gown doll cake is a masterpiece in itself. If you look closely you can see the efforts put to decorate this lovely cake. The whole gown of the cake is designed or filled with roses which are made of cream and fondant. Gift this cake to your lady or your daughter and spread the joy and show how much you love them.

Cake for every celebration: whether it be someone's birthday or wedding anniversary cake is a must. Cakes make every celebration special and joyful. Order from the wide range of cakes offered by Redoven and make every celebration memorable with your loved ones. Treat your near and dear ones with the lip-smacking and juicy cakes offered by Redoven at great and reasonable prices. satisfy your cravings by having a soft and layered cake baked by the top bakers of our kitchen who use only top-of-the-line products and ingredients to bake the cakes. Our cakes are freshly baked for the customer only after we receive the order.

Unique delivery system: at Redoven we provide the privilege to the customers to select the time they want the product to be delivered. may it be night or day with our flexible doorstep delivery system we will be present there to deliver you your present so that you can enjoy and cherish your or your loved ones' special day.

Safe and hygienic: customer safety is our top priority. At Redoven we maintain a hygienic and safe environment for our chefs to work at. Everything is sterilized before and after its use so that there is no chance of any bacterial or mold formation taking place. Even the ingredients used are freshly bought and used for the day itself. We wear masks, gloves, and shower caps to maintain the quality of the food. and the food is stored at the right temperature to keep it from becoming stale till it is delivered to you.