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Tier Cakes

Order Multi Tier Cakes Online to warangal

Tier cakes by Redoven: a tired cake is a special cake that is stacked one on top of the other to create a huge and massive cake that attracts the attention of all the members at a party. A tiered cake is mostly ordered on special occasions like weddings or huge parties because of the grandness of the occasion and also to be filling to all the members of the party. Order a multi-tiered cake from Redoven and make the occasion whatever it may be a much grander one.

Order multi-tiered cakes online: cakes are the best way to add joy to every occasion. To make your celebration more joyful Redoven brings you the multi-tiered cakes baked only for you with love. Explore the wide range of tiered cakes offered by Redoven and make the occasion much more special. These cakes are available in different flavors, sizes, and designs to make the occasion grand. So go ahead and order your special tiered cake from Redoven and have a joyful celebration.

Grand cakes for grand occasions: when it comes to making a memorable event, there is no other way than to order a tiered cake. When it comes to grand ceremonies it means a huge amount of guests. Thus we need a grand cake for such an occasion. As the number of attendees at a grand ceremony is more so you will need a two or three-tiered cake to serve all the guests.

Wide range of tier cakes: at Redoven we offer a wide variety of tier cakes for you to choose from. May it be a two-tier or three-tier cake we got it covered for you. Choose from any flavor right from vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch to rare flavors like red velvet, and blueberry. Just select your cake and order it to get it delivered to you fresh and juicy.

Unique delivery system: at Redoven we provide the privilege to the customers to select the time they want the product to be delivered. may it be night or day with our flexible doorstep delivery system we will be present there to deliver you your present so that you can enjoy and cherish your or your loved ones' special day.

Safe and hygienic: customer safety is our top priority. At Redoven we maintain a hygienic and safe environment for our chefs to work at. Everything is sterilized before and after its use so that there is no chance of any bacterial or mold formation taking place. Even the ingredients used are freshly bought and used for the day itself. We wear masks, gloves, and shower caps to maintain the quality of the food. and the food is stored at the right temperature to keep it from becoming stale till it is delivered to you.

Customizable orders at your fingertips: At Redoven we provide the customer with the option of customizing their delivery. As we are India's largest online bakery and gift store we give the customer the freedom to add a gift along with the food item they have ordered. Gift your loved ones or your friends with some flowers or souvenirs or any small gift like a teddy or something from the wide range of gifts from our catalog along with the desert or cakes of your choice, and get them delivered right to your doorstep on your desired time.