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Origins of pineapple fruit: the pineapple is the fruit of a plant that grows in tropical regions. It is indigenous to South America where it was grown and eaten for many centuries. It grows as a small shrub. its individual flowers fuse together to form the fruit.it grows in a unique way shooting either from the center or the side of the shoot. It was introduced in Europe in the 18th century where it was a delicacy of luxury and most of the time was used as a showpiece on tables to show one's wealth or power. Later due to greenhouses growing them locally, it was available to the common man.

Pineapple cakes: the pineapple cake came into existence when the Portuguese merchants introduced it to the market and the regions where they set up their colonies. when the Portuguese colonized Taiwan they introduced the pineapple to the Taiwanese people and it became an important part of their meal or diet. By 1930 Taiwan became the world's largest producer and exporter of pineapple. Bakers used this surplus in baking the cakes using pineapple slices or syrups and gave birth to the now-famous Pineapple Cake. thus the pineapple cake came into existence. Today Pineapple cake is considered Taiwan's culinary symbol.

Pineapple cakes Symbolism: In Taiwanese Hokkien, the word Pineapple sounds similar to the phrase “to come forth, prosperous and thriving”. This phrase means that many healthy children will be born into a family. thus as a result of this phrase, the pineapple cake is offered at weddings or as a well wishing present in an everyday context.

Choose from our wide range of pineapple cakes: no matter what the occasion may be gift your loved ones pineapple cakes from the wide range of lip smacking and juicy pineapple cakes offered by Redoven. Our cakes are baked only on-demand with the finest ingredients for you to cherish with your loved ones. Soft and spongy cake layered with thick whipped cream and covered with pineapple sauce or loads full of pineapple chunks. Sit back relax and order your favorite cake online and satisfy your wants, as we fulfill it for you.

Unique delivery system: at Redoven we provide the privilege to the customers to select the time they want the product to be delivered. may it be night or day with our flexible doorstep delivery system we will be present there to deliver you your present so that you can enjoy and cherish your or your loved ones' special day.

Safe and hygienic: customer safety is our top priority. At Redoven we maintain a hygienic and safe environment for our chefs to work at. Everything is sterilized before and after its use so that there is no chance of any bacterial or mold formation taking place. Even the ingredients used are freshly bought and used for the day itself. We wear masks, gloves, and shower caps to maintain the quality of the food. and the food is stored at the right temperature to keep it from becoming stale till it is delivered to you.