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Order Gerberas Online to delhi

Beautiful gerberas

The gerbera is a native of tropical Africa. It is also known as African daisy or Transvaal daisy. later it was introduced all over the world due to its beauty and purity.it has a woolen crown and grows up to eighty centimeters in height. To the naked eye, it looks like a single flower but has multiple layers. It comes in a wide variety of colors.

Each color has a story to convey

As the gerberas come in a wide variety of colors each color has a different message to convey

  • Yellow gerbera: it expresses how happy you are to be with a person
  • Red gerberas: it conveys that you are madly in love with someone
  • Pink gerbera: this means someone has stolen your heart
  • Orange gerbera: it means that a person is the sunshine of your life
  • White gerbera: it conveys that you will stay by someone's side forever

The right gift for weddings or ceremonies

If you want to gift your dear ones a bouquet on their wedding day or ring ceremony then gerberas are the best gifts. incase you had a fight with your wife or mother order them a bouquet of gerberas and see the bright and wide smile on their faces as the flowers are known to spread joy and happiness.

A perfect gift for any occasion

Whether be it mothers day, fathers day, or any special day a bunch of gerberas will surely make the day. Order your loved ones a bouquet from the Redoven and we will deliver it to your loved one and convey your feelings to them with the gift you have ordered for them

Customize your delivery with Redoven

At Redoven you can customize your gift as you like. as we are India's largest bakery and gift shop online, you can gift your loved ones with a bouquet and anything from our range of souvenirs or sweets or cakes and convey your feelings no matter what .cause it becomes our duty to convey your message right you order it from our website.

Flexible delivery system

At Redoven we offer our customers flexible delivery timings that is one can order a product from our site and just select the timing. may it be midnight or mid-day Redoven will be there at the right time and right place to make your day or your loved one's day special.