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Order Chocolate Cake Online in kerala

History of chocolate cake: in 1764 dr. James Baker discovered how to make chocolate by grinding cocoa beans between two stones and nearly a century later in 1847, Eliza Leslie published the first recipe of how to make chocolate cake. unlike today's chocolate cakes we know that this cake used to be prepared by using chopped chocolate pieces. during the 19th century, Austrian and french pastry chefs derived the receipt to make modern-day chocolate cakes.it was not until the 20th century that the cocoa prices dropped and the chocolate cake was available to everyone. today we have different types of chocolate cakes depending upon the recipes and the type of chocolate used in them.

Benefits of having a chocolate cake: there are many benefits of having a chocolate cake ar even chocolate included in your daily meal. A recent study shows that eating chocolate cake improves your intellect and gives you an energy boost. Having chocolate cake also improves the condition of your skin and it also helps in dealing with depression because chocolate contains enzymes that improve your mood and makes you joyful. thus having a piece of chocolate cake can actually improve your health and make you a better person.

Chocolate cake improves one’s cognitive functions: a recent case study revealed that people who are restless and are facing any stressful situation or are unhappy with their lives need to eat at least a slice of chocolate cake daily as it boosts their mood by reducing the number of stress hormones released by the brain. so the moist texture of a chocolate cake not only satisfies your cravings but also benefits your physical and mental health. At Redoven we bake the best and the tastiest chocolates for you t enjoy and maintain your health.

Choose from our wide variety of chocolate cakes: at Redoven we offer you a wide variety of chocolate cakes depending on your cravings and the type of chocolate used in the method of preparation. Choose from the premium chocolate truffle cake to the very best and everyone's favorite oreo biscuit chocolate cake. Redoven chocolate cakes are multilayered and covered with rich choco ganache and again topped with chocolate syrup to satisfy your sweet tooth and your cravings. Prepared with the best ingredients and stored at the right temperature Redoven delivers the cake right to your doorstep for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Unique delivery system: at Redoven we provide the privilege to the customers to select the time they want the product to be delivered. may it be night or day with our flexible doorstep delivery system we will be present there to deliver you your present so that you can enjoy and cherish your or your loved ones' special day.

Customizable orders at your fingertips: At Redoven we provide the customer with the option of customizing their delivery. As we are India's largest online bakery and gift store we give the customer the freedom to add a gift along with the food item they have ordered. Gift your loved ones or your friends with some flowers or souvenirs or any small gift like a teddy or something from the wide range of gifts from our catalog along with the desert or cakes of your choice, and get them delivered right at your doorstep on your desired time.